Trusted Resources

I’ve found that the resources listed on this page have some scientific rigor supporting the information they publish and their authors are careful about gathering supporting data to back up their claims.

Health and Nutrition Blogs

There are now thousands of blogs on nutrition and health optimization / enhancement with varying levels of ‘quality information’. These are sites that consistently provide information of good quality. The people who have a record of collecting and using data from testing are at the top of the list (I’m a big fan of ‘data’).

The list of people I’ve encountered and found has grown significantly since I started work on The Quantified Body. For a list of good sources for information also see the guests I’ve invited onto The Quantified Body podcast.

  • Dr. Terry Wahls: Dr. Wahls is currently running clinical trials with “paleo upgraded” nutrition protocols that have restored health to people with neurological and autoimmune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons. I base my nutrition primarily on her protocols – if it’s clinically proven to heal people with Multiple Sclerosis, think what it can do to semi-healthy people – Dr. Wahls has mentioned in interviews the positive impacts on healthy controls in the form of her staff members who also follow the diet.
  • Chris Kresser takes a conservative approach in general – a lot of work on chronic disease and gut issues.
  • Robb Wolf has a biochemistry background and has been largely responsible for spreading the paleo movement.
  • The Daily Lipid: Chris Masterjohn is known for his work with the Weston A. Price Foundation and has published some solid rigorous work on cholesterol and Vitamin K (Weston Price’s activator ‘X’) in the past.
  • Dave Asprey from bulletproof exec has good recommendations overall, in particular his bulletproof diet map and mycotoxins work is really solid and beneficial. Some of his advice is pushing the ‘edge’ of what can be proven, which he acknowledges himself.
  • Paul Jaminet is a physicist who turned his scientific mind to nutrition and chronic disease to solve his own issues. Overall balanced and useful information and interesting ideas. Lacks some specifics and data in some cases.

Recommended Books