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Eating Paleo in Thailand: Where to Get ‘Hard to Find’ Items

Note: This post is more like Paleo upgraded, with Weston A. Price, Organic and other refinements and upgrades added in. If you’re just straight paleo you’ll find what you want, and if you’ve added in the refinements, you will too.

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Getting Blood Tests in Bangkok: Private Labs vs. Hospitals

If you are interested in tracking your blood biomarkers to monitor health risks or optimize performance, surprisingly, Bangkok is a great place to live. You can get all of the standard biomarkers that are typically tracked in the U.S. tested

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Buying Supplements in Thailand: 3 Low Cost Options and Getting Supplements You Can’t Find

If you’ve been in Thailand long you’ll know that buying any form of vitamin or supplement is a major headache. Through research and trial and error I am now able to get any supplement I want at a reasonable price

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