Biomarker Reports

I get a range of biomarkers tested on an ongoing basis (monthly, quarterly, yearly) depending on the test and the best testing frequency to produce actionable data.

I will be publishing the results of these biomarkers (charts, changes) along with monthly updates along with explanations of the self-experiments linked to any significant changes in these. Also the money I’ve invested in tests, supplements and devices related to my experiments – that way you can see if it’s something you’d like to try also.

It’s my hope that you can read my progress and learn something relevant to your own goals with more certainty than just reading blog posts recommending one idea over another without any data to back them up.

Visual Contrast Sensitivity (VCS) Score

The visual contrast sensitivity screen is used to diagnose and evaluate biotoxin related illnesses. This screen originally enabled me to identify that I had been exposed to damaging mold and mycotoxins and since then has been a first step biomarker to track my recovery progress (elimination of the biotoxins from my system). You can take the test yourself and learn how it works at

On September 17th 2013 it showed me as clear of most of the biotoxin load for the first time. Unfortunately at the end of September I moved into an apartment that was water damaged (WDB – Water Damaged Building). Within a couple of days many CFS symptoms had returned and I moved out within 5 days. You can see the negative impact and subsequent recovery after having left the WDB in the chart.




Consistent decline in the general inflammatory marker of hs-CRP over 4 years. I attribute this to an improved, and entirely non inflammatory diet since before 2009. Below a value of 1 is considered to be low cardiovascular disease risk, while above 3 is high risk.

The spike in January 2012 corresponds to a severe bout of sickness that seemed to be related to the floods in Bangkok and was largely stomach related and also to the start of my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome condition.

In August 2012 the raised value coincided with a worsening of the CFS condition.

LDL Cholesterol


I believe that the elevated spike of LDL you see in December 2011 is related to the infection event that started my CFS pathology. It remained higher than my typical level (below 100) until I started to take CSM (Cholestyramine) which lowers cholesterol, and my symptoms started to vastly improve.

The second event in August 2013 of higher LDL correlates with a re-exposure to biotoxin. I’m still investigating how LDL relates to biotoxins.

Essential Fatty Acids Omega 6 – Omega 3 Ratio

Your Essential Fatty Acids omega 6 : 3 ratio is debated about routinely. An ideal is estimated to be around 2:1, whereas the average American tends to have around 20:1.

Before taking my first test in 2012 I had already been optimizing my diet for many years to contain a better ratio of omega 6 to 3. So I wasn’t surprised when it came out pretty positive.

I’ve made further progress in the last year as the test shows. Some of this would’ve been attributable to taking Krill oil during that period (basically omega 3 that is more stable than other sources due to also containing the anti-oxidant Astaxanthin).

The optimization of this ratio has played a role in lowering inflammation, as seen in the decline of the hs-CRP inflammation marker above.

Since the last test result I stopped taking Krill oil, since I don’t want to lower this ratio further at this point and my diet is sufficiently balanced in Omegas to maintain this optimum level.